February 14, 2013

Shappee Got Slimed!!!

Congratulations students and Nurse West for reaching our goal during the book fair to raise $600.00 for our library. Since the goal was reached I agreed to get SLIMED!!!

Below you will see the play by play of me being slimed at our afternoon assembly on Thursday. 
It was a blast!!!

Taste Test

Students in Mrs Diana's class had to taste berry blend drink and figure what fruits were in it. Test those taste buds!!

February 12, 2013

4th Grade Healthy Heart

Mrs Kane shares her knowledge on healthy hearts with 4th graders during Valentines Week. Amazing. Lets take care of our hearts. Thank you Mrs Kane!!

February 8, 2013

PTA Donated Books

With the money raised from the PTA Book Fair our CCES Library received $400 worth of books. Thank you to all that participate. We all win!

February 7, 2013

Ax ELLA Art Contest Winner

Sarva Gupta. 4th grader in Mrs Russell's class. Congratulations

February 4, 2013

Safe and Sound

Today was a great day. At about 3:30 today our fire alarm system was put to the test. The new fire alarm that was installed over the summer worked perfect when the air conditioning motor located in the multipurpose began to malfunction. A little bit of smoke was released and the fire alarm was activated. The district was notified immediately and had the fire department and district facility staff at CCES within minutes.

Our Mascot students were evacuated without incident. All is well and I look forward to another great day at CCES tomorrow!